Green Certified Vietnamese Fine Robusta 2023: Pre Order Now

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Process: Winey Natural

Altitude:📍 is above 800m above sea level. 

Region: Bao Lam district, Lam Dong Province, Central Highland of Vietnam.

Harvest Season: October to Jan



Our Direct Trade Partnership with Vietnamese Coffee Farmers.

The Fine Robusta Legend in Vietnam - Toi Nguyen, a Vietnamese coffee innovator and success story in his 40s.🎉
His passion for producing/processing high quality Robusta is very distinct among many other producers that we have met. That was the first impression we had with him.
He didn't start out his coffee careers as a multi generational coffee producer. He chose coffee because he knows it gives him a better future than continuing to sell corn on the street.
He believes that Vietnam Canephora (Robusta) can compete in quality with other regions if we treat and care for it just like we care for Arabica, the outcome will uplift the farmer’s livelihoods. So he took this matter in his own hands and commits to proving high quality Canephora (Robusta) proudly made in Vietnam to the world. This attitude is contagious. And many others now stand by his side.
His coffee has undergone professional testing and has been found to great exceed Coffee Quality Institute standards.

This year, we carry his Fine Robusta created through the exotic Carbonic Maceration Process.

This product is taking pre-order of crop 2023.