Cau Dat Reserve, 100% Arabica – Whole Bean 12oz


Single Origin

Cau Dat grows the highest quality coffees, within the worlds’ most fertile coffee growing region: the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The superior characteristics of these beans are traced to the cool, mile high, monsoon drenched volcanic slopes they are farmed upon. These harsh conditions slow the beans growth, allowing for complex flavors to form, in the same manner as wine grapes.

Tasting notes: Melon, Macadamia, Dark Chocolate

Brewing Methods: Pour Over, Chemex, Auto-Drip, French Press.

Available in Whole bean only 

100% Arabica, Washed Process

Medium Roast. 

How to brew: a basic coffee drip at 1:15 ratio

30 gram of ground coffee 

450gr of water   boils at 199F

  • Crop of 2018-2019
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Weight 12 oz

Whole Bean, Ground