Architect’s Blend – 69% Robusta, 30% Arabica, 1% French Butter – Whole Bean


Crafted in the style of Vietnam’s most traditional brew, It’s unlike anything you are likely to have tried. The secret is a dollop of sweet French butter added to the roasting beans. This melds together the bitter, sweet and acidic aspects of coffee, creating one rich, cohesive flavor,that flows smoothly over the palate, leaving no lingering aftertaste.            

It is also named in honor of our roaster Quoc, whose roasting studio is based in Saigon, Vietnam. Trained as an architect, he turned his talents to designing our roast profiles, using the same artistic mindset and scientific attention to detail.

  • Tasting notes: Jasmine, Cashew, Dark Chocolate.
  • Brewing method: Moka Pot, Vietnamese Filter, French Press
  • Origins: Daklak & Cau Dat.
  • Process: Fully Washed & Sun-Dried.
  • Medium/Dark Roast
  • Available in Whole bean only
  • Ingredient: 69% Robusta, 30% Arabica, 1% French Butter
  • Highest caffeine

This product contains MILK

Recommended for use with Vietnamese coffee filter brewing method. Learn more at How to brew Vietnamese coffee

  • Crop of 2018-2019

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 5 in

Whole Bean, Ground