The key to KCC’s unique coffee blend.

The flavors found in coffee exist on a spectrum, and no one variety can posses every aspect of what coffee as a species has to offer. The two major species of beans, Arabica and Robusta, respectively, exemplify the qualities of the “lighter” and “darker” sides of the brew.


When it comes time to choose a roasting profile, at every level there is something to be gained, and something to be lost in this complex chemical conversion.


At one extreme end of the spectrum are light roasted beans, these most complex, sweet and fruity beans, though they retain the unpleasant acidity of the raw beans.  


And at the other end are French Roasted beans that have had most of the coffee specific chemicals flavors have been destroyed by the heat, leaving behind an bitter, burned flavor.


In seeking balance, Karmic Circle Coffee tends to roast towards the middle to preserve the underlying character of the recently green, living beans, while cultivating maillard compounds that form during roasting, lending chocolatey, caramelized, and nutty qualities to the beans.  


These disparate flavors are brought into harmony through Karmic Circle Coffee’s use of traditional ‘slow and low’ drum roasting. Whose cooler temperatures preserve more of the beans botanical character, while the longer roast time ensure deeply rich flavors with the burn.


It is in this spirit of harmony between all elements of our coffee, that we offer double origin blends in addition to our single origins. We seek to combine complementary flavors of each brew, wheras many use blends in an hide to mask harsh, unpleasant flavors in an anonymous mashup of beans.


With Karmic Circle Coffee, we want you to know exactly what you are getting. So we partnered up with Chrystal, our graphic designer to bring to life a comic illustrating why the unique characteristics of Robusta and the Arabica species make for a perfect pair.

Our unique blends are

Mountain Plateau Blend 12oz  &  

Architect’s Blend 12 oz

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