Crop of 2018-2019

Robusta Farmer


Vietnam, as the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia, has a lot to share. And coffee is it’s number one product. We would like to introduce you to our small holder farming partner Mr. Toi, part of the first generation of growers who took a risk, and bet on their own abilities. In committing to quality above quantity, he sacrificed the certain short term profits of mass production. The result is his Fine Grade Robusta that was scored 85 points from the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) this year. Please see the result below.


Vietnam, Robusta producer : Mr. Toi Nguyen.

The fanatical care that creates specialty grade coffee beans, requires farmers have a one on one relationship with each plant. And thus must be produced in small batches. But a single misstep during the growth and processing of the coffee cherries, can destroy the delicate balance of flavors in the cup, leaving a farmer with a tiny batch of coffee, indistinguishable from the mass market supply.

We think the character and intellect of these exceptional farmers deserves recognition. After all, the literal fruits of their labor makes our lives just a touch less laborious.  

His coffee product will be coming soon at the end of this year.

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