DECODING Our Coffee Labels.


From top to bottom: 

Cau Dat: a place specifically where our coffee is grown in Vietnam


Single Origin: indicate what country of origin the coffee is sourced 


Tasting Notes: These natural tasting notes based on factors of soil’s location, the way farmers process, how you brew them and how it’s roasted.


Whole Bean: tell you that the coffee purchased will be fresher compared to pre ground 

Washed:  Alike wine, coffee is being processed before it is consumed. Washed is a type of processing that will separate coffee seed from its cherries. requires a minimum of 24 hours soaking coffee seeds into the water to ferment. After reaching the correct PH from fermentation, farmers will rinse coffee’s seeds and start drying on the raising bed under the sun. This process method creates a clean cup with a subtle hint of acidity 

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