Burned Beans are Boring Beans

When our customers before they purchase our coffee, we ask them how they prefer their coffee Strong, or not so strong?

Most people will say: “Of course I like my coffee strong! Who likes weak coffee?”


But do we all mean the same thing when we think of strong coffee? Coffee is filled with strong flavors essential to our enjoyment of this unique beverage. But if a single one of these elements is too potent, the cup can taste sour, bitter or worst of all, burned. These first three can be explained by lackluster beans or an unpracticed grinding and brewing technique, that just doesn’t suit the beans selected for one’s cup.

Getting these first three things right takes a bit of trial and error. But eliminating the burned flavor is as simple as brewing your coffee less than boiling hot, and not buying beans that are roasted until they are black as charcoal. Burned beans are the biggest complaint against the coffee served and sold in the largest, coffee shops that are marketed as being gourmet. Yet dark, burned roasts are often what people think of when they say they like strong coffee. Where is the disconnect? It turns out most believe that darker roasts have more caffeine, pound-per-pound. But the opposite is true! They were willing to put up with lousy flavor for a bigger but non-existent hit of morning caffeine.


Karmic Circle Coffee on the other hand, achieves it’s deep flavor profile by slow roasting its beans until they darken, unlocking the smooth, chocolaty, caramelized flavors that the roasting process should impart. And by incorporating Vietnam’s specialty, Robusta Canephora beans, with double the caffeine, coffee fiends will get their fix without giving up flavor.


While mass market coffee shops roast their beans as quickly as possible, for the following three reasons.

1.) Time is money, and they must focus on quantity over quality.

2.) Burned beans are lighter, thus cheaper to ship.

 3.) they have beans from all around the world that they must turn into a familiar, homogenized blend.

The bottom line is that burning beans, destroys the hundreds of flavor and aroma compounds found in the coffee family.

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