How to brew Vietnamese coffee

How To Brew Coffee with Phin Filter 

Filter includes

Filter Plate

What You Need
    • Recommend: Karmic Circle Coffee’s Architect’s Blend,  Table Salt grind
    •  Boil filtered Water at 197°Fahrenheit (Gourmia Goose Neck Kettle with thermometer)
    • Vietnamese Filter (Phin)
    • 1 tbsp of sweet Condensed Milk (optional)

CLEANING TIP: Machine or Hand Washable.

Brewing Steps

Remove the press out of the chamber.

Pour 20 grams of coffee to roughly the size of table salt.

A smaller grind will produce a stronger brew. But too small and grounds will slip through filter.

 (Optional) Add sweet condensed milk to empty cup, prior to brewing to cook the milk, producing a richer taste.

Screw tamping filter down slowly until pressed against coffee grounds.

The tighter it compresses the coffee, the longer and stronger the extraction will be.

Pour a tiny bit of hot water to wet the coffee and pause 20 secs.

Then, continue pouring the rest.

Recommend water ratio 1:15 (1 gram of coffee : 15 gram of water)

Close the lid, let it drip for 3-4 mins. Or when water is completely drained.

Remove the filter. Enjoy!