Why Us

Like many of you, we used to be coffee consumers with little knowledge of the process leading to an excellent cup of coffee. We now know that brewing the perfect cup of coffee requires understanding the relationships between coffee bean processing, milling, grinding, and brewing methods. Having learned about this fascinating process, we wanted to bring this awareness to  coffee drinkers who appreciate unique experiences they can enjoy alone or share with others.

  1. My partner and I embarked on the enviable task of tasting the many varieties of Vietnamese coffee. We located the source of the finest coffee cherries in Vietnam’s temperate Central Highlands, the most fertile coffee growing region in the world. 
  2. We visit producer partners every year and share details of our producer partner’s information as well as photographs for all of their coffees farms, so our customers know exactly where their coffee comes from.
  3. Our coffee cherries are handpicked and ripe.
  4. All Karmic Circle Coffee is purchased directly from the producers that we have met and with whom we have formed a personal relationship. By selecting only the highest quality beans, we are able to pay them more than they would receive under Fair Trade requirements, improving their standard of living.
  5. We have had our coffee professionally rated, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality coffee. We also provide the coffee rating information to the growers so they can use this to advocate for a fair price from other purchasers.
  6. We indicate the percentage (%) of Arabica and Robusta on our packages to help consumers making decision based on how much caffeine would they prefer to intake (Robusta beans have double the caffeine content of Arabica beans). Characteristics of Robusta and Arabica beans are shown below.