Welcome to Karmic Circle Coffee

The Karmic Circle describes the culmination of the cycle of Karma. Wherein kindness given, is returned in kind. Coffee is the ritual by which billions of people awaken to possibilities of the day. But the consequences of this habit must be considered… 

Santa Barbara’s first importer and purveyor of high-quality Vietnamese coffee.
Our Vision

Karmic Circle Coffee sprouted from one vision…to introduce American’s to the world’s most fertile coffee growing landscape, Vietnam. By sourcing only the cream of the coffee crop, we are incentivising a focus on quality above all else. Along with paying farmers a premium price for a premium product, as independently tested according to Specialty Coffee Association of America Standards; we are also intent on sharing the wealth of farming knowledge present in the United States. 

Changing Lives, One Drop At A Time. 

To learn more, why we  choose to import coffee from Vietnam,  click here Producer Partners