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The Karmic Circle describes the culmination of the cycle of Karma, wherein kindness given is returned in kind. Coffee is the ritual by which billions of people awaken to possibilities of the day, but the consequences of this habit must be considered. All too often, producing coffee results in environmental degradation, while those who produce it do not receive a living wage. At Karmic Circle, we use only sustainably grown coffee, while providing a sustainable income to the Vietnamese farmers we work with directly, avoiding any middlemen. In exchange, we are provided with superior coffee, which we want to share with you. 

Changing Lives, One Drop At A Time

How We Got Started

When we first started Karmic Circle Coffee, we had one simple vision — to introduce Americans to the extraordinary coffee grown in Vietnam, while improving the quality of life for the farmers who grow the country’s beans. Vietnam is the world’s second largest coffee producer, and the quality of its coffee is extraordinary due to the combination of fertile land and perfect climate in the Central Highlands. However, its coffee is largely unknown in the US. We went to the Central Highlands to meet with a number of small farmers in person and identify those who met the highest standards, using sustainable practices to grow coffee that has been rated as Specialty (Arabica) and Fine Grade (Robusta).

Since 2017, we have worked collaboratively with our Vietnamese coffee farming partners, visiting them during the growing and harvesting seasons, so that we can verify the quality of the coffee beans we purchase directly from them to confirm that organic practices are followed. We have had our Robusta beans rated by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, which confirmed that they are considered Fine Grade. Our Arabica beans were rated by an independent coffee quality grader certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, who confirmed that they meet Specialty grade standards. These are the highest standards that can be achieved. We have enjoyed introducing Americans to the unique intensity and balance of Vietnamese coffee in its finest specialty grade form. With  your support, our orders now total hundreds of times the volume of the first batch of coffee we imported, which has given the small farmers we work with access to the American market for the first time, helping to increase their standard of living.

Karmic Circle Coffee is a DIRECT TRADE Company

Direct Trade means that we purchase our coffee directly from our farming friends. We also pay them more than two and a half times the Fair Trade price so they can attain a higher standard of living. We skip the commercial middlemen for whom coffee is just another interchangeable commodity. The coffee that you purchase is not simply a transaction between the farmers and our company. Every bean we bring to the American market is the product of an ongoing personal relationship with each farmer we deal with. 

How our Supply Chain Works



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